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National customs clearance- Details

Logistics and Supply Chain

The integration of customs clearance means simply "multiple customs clearances, such as the same level," and it is called "the most revolutionary change in customs since the reform and opening up."

Integration means that some companies are in one place, but the import and export of goods may be in another city. The distribution of the original customs is based on territorialization. The Customs of one place is an independent regulatory system, and now it has achieved regional clearance. After integration, enterprises can independently choose the location of declaration, tax payment, inspection and release, and customs clearance mode. In the past, the procedures required to handle multiple customs clearances can be handled at a customs office to further simplify the procedures.

East China: Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou, etc.)

South China: Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, etc.)

1) Differentiate each complete operation by color.
2) The car can be booked before 5 pm on the day of delivery.
3) Departs every day from Monday to Sunday. The high speed does not stop at the cargo station. (The departure schedule is divided into the same day and the next day)
4) During the connection process, we all have supervisors on site to supervise; after the connection is completed, photos will be taken and sent to relevant personnel of your company.


We have a professional customer service team to provide customers with one-on-one intimate service, arrival notice, in-transit situation, so that the entire process of visualization, information, and transparency. With the most professional attitude to provide customers with high quality service.

1. Driver recruitment through interviews, written tests, road tests, strict selection and recruitment, document and family background investigation, no criminal record investigation;
2. Sign labor contracts, establish personal files, register with the public security department, and purchase social security and 200,000 yuan of commercial insurance;
3. The main line transportation is equipped with 2 drivers of the deputy and class classes. The driver has spent more than 5 years in driving, fixed fuel on the way, changed the driver every 400 kilometers, and stopped fatigue driving.

1. Purchasing all kinds of taxes, taxes and insurance for vehicles in accordance with the regulations, verifying on time and conducting regular maintenance.
2. Strict implementation of the "three inspections" system, vehicles are equipped with a GPS system, the car is installed automatic lift tailgate.
3. Establish comprehensive documentation on vehicle technology and accidents.
4. Buy 1 million RMB comprehensive logistics liability insurance per vehicle.

1. According to customer requirements and industry standards for loading and unloading, playing board, packaging, storage and so on.
2. The goods are bundled in a "four-piece" reinforcement (airbags, aircraft straps, fishing nets, fences).
3. The use of advanced monitoring systems, the entire process of monitoring the storage and transportation of goods.

1. The company has established an emergency response team and developed a complete emergency plan;
2. Establish a safety technology department to implement safety production work;
3. Organize regular security meetings every Sunday to strengthen safety production education and training;
4. Real-time monitoring systems are installed in warehouses, parking lots and office areas.

The real-time photographing technology of opening the door is integrated into the self-provided container, and the automatic photographing is performed when a suspicious person opens the door so that the driver and the dispatcher can quickly find and handle the abnormal situation.

When the suspicious person approaches the vehicle, the visual distance reaches 10 meters and the warning distance reaches 3 meters.

The vehicle is equipped with self-made concealed locks, the tailgates are mounted on the wagons, and customs-supervised vehicles are equipped with self-made lock boxes. The cargo security is more secure.

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