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Customs clearance service- Details

Logistics and Supply Chain

      The company has customs declaration groups in Shenzhen Yantian Port, Shekou Port, Huanggang Port, Suzhou New District, Wuzhong, Kunshan, Shanghai Waigaoqiao, Pudong and Wuhan. The customs declaration team members have many years of experience in customs coordination. It holds a unified national customs broker qualification certificate, inspection staff qualification certificate and employment permit, and has established a good flow of communication and coordination channels in the customs districts of East China, South China, and Southwest China.

     We are committed to providing our customers with the following "high-quality, efficient and fast" one-stop customs clearance services:

     1. Customs declaration services for bonded goods entering and leaving the bonded areas.

     2. The handling of import and export goods by land and sea joint customs clearance operations and import and export goods between China and Hong Kong by land transport and customs declaration.

     3. To handle the customs clearance, transit, inspection and other services of imported and exported goods in Shenzhen port areas, and to assist in the business of nuclear tax refunds.

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