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Logistics and Supply Chain

Shenzhen Baohengtong Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenzhen Baohengtong Group, was established in 2001 and is a professional modern logistics supply chain company. Shenzhen is a key logistics company and a key container transport company in Shenzhen. The company is committed to providing integrated supply chain solutions for domestic large and medium-sized manufacturing companies and circulation companies.

Relying on domestic and overseas service networks, the company has set up 29 comprehensive logistics service outlets across the country and across Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The scope of services includes international transportation agents for the import and export of sea, land, and air cargo; research and development and design of logistics information technology and logistics software. , consulting; import and export of goods and technology; transit trade; trade between enterprises in the region and abroad; supply chain management consulting, logistics and trade information consulting and other integrated services.

Logistics supply chain provides logistics solution design, port consolidation, import and export cargo warehousing, fast-to-ground connection between Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, sea and land and air and rail transport, international freight forwarding, cold chain logistics, cross-border e-commerce customs declaration, supply chain management, etc. Integrated supply chain services.

Logistics and Supply Chain
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