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Talent Philosophy

Talent Philosophy

Company is in a stage of rapid development, to provide staff to maximize the display platform of talent and opportunity, the employee can in practical work, according to their own situation, choose to suit their own career development direction.

We for staff career planning, short-term, medium-term and long-term three kinds, vertical and horizontal stagger, concrete can be divided into management personnel, professional talents, talents for three categories.

Management personnel

Employees in the orientation and professional skills training. The company has a complete management system, through cooperation with institutions of higher learning institutions, absorbing professional skills talents. At the same time, the excellent high-level went to tsinghua university and Peking University, Chinese university of Hong Kong and other prestigious further study; The world famous colleges and universities students have come to visit company communication.

Within the company to provide transfer, transfer, making a public channels, such as rapid growth to provide opportunities for you. As long as meet relevant requirements after examinations, the staff to the director, secretary, manager management positions such as promotion, and eventually become outstanding management talent.

Professional talents

Company's service team including market, customer service, operations, IT, technical, financial, administrative and other different professional posts, employees can be combined with their own advantages, through training, learning, work constantly improve the level of professional skills, to develop in the direction of professional talents.

Inter-disciplinary talent

The so-called inter-disciplinary talent, is already well on the professional skills, have excellent talents of management ability. Inter-disciplinary talent is aimed at those interested in the industry, especially those with a long-term goal setting. Company meritocracy, offers a variety of channels, pay attention to mining potential employees, professional staff, management, different jobs, such as the comprehensive exercise, strive to cultivate compound talents, help the company achieve stable and rapid development.

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