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2001 Hard work, Unity and struggle

Shenzhen Baohengtong Industrial Co., Ltd. was established on June 26, 2001. It has a parking area of about 1,000 square meters at the beginning of the business. There are only 17 transportation vehicles, and the number of employees is 25. The working conditions are very simple. The office is less than 50 square meters. Two 40-foot old containers are built. The company's main business is single, relying mainly on the customs supervision of container shipping business at Shenzhen Yantian Port and Shekou Port.

By December 2001, the company had increased the number of container tractors to 59 and the number of employees reached nearly 100, which laid a solid foundation for the company's next development.

2002 Introduction of Talents Scientific Development

2002 was a year for the company to grow and develop. The company's main business is diversified and the market share has rapidly increased. The parking area has expanded to 4,000 square meters, and the number of operating vehicles has reached more than 130; the company has successively introduced a group of high-quality professional management talents, and the number of employees has reached nearly 200, including About 30 managers. Two new offices and customer service centers were added to further improve the company's organizational structure and management system, and systematic computer software programming for operation, dispatching and vehicle management, and initially achieved the information management of the logistics management platform. The company's logistics management system Greatly improved the company's business management efficiency.

2003 Standard Management Upgrade Service

2003 was a year in which the company implemented standardized management, improved talent quality and service quality. After two years of rapid development, the company has more than 200 vehicles, more than 20 self-provided containers and more than 300 employees. The company fully introduced the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system, continued to improve the company's management system, detailed the operational procedures of each business unit, and gradually promoted the standardization and standardization of internal management. In February 2003, the company successfully registered the “Baohengtong” trademark in the State Trademark Office and was awarded “China Quality Commitment, Credit Management Company (Brand)” by the China Light Industry Product Quality Assurance Center.

2004 Innovation Technology Management Upgrade

2004 was a year in which the company strengthened standardized management, upgraded management hardware, and comprehensively promoted logistics informatization construction.

The company operates 250 vehicles, owns 30 containers, employs more than 400 people, and has an office area of 700 square meters. The company has cooperated with professional information technology companies to develop integrated logistics management system for warehousing and distribution, container transportation management system, matching management software database, GPS global satellite positioning system, etc. to achieve logistics distribution, cargo monitoring, customs declaration documents, customer relations, warehousing and VMI Management and other network information management platform, so that the company's management and services more efficient and more standardized.

In 2004, the company has obtained the three-level cargo operation qualification of road passenger and cargo transportation enterprises in Guangdong Province and the annual advanced unit of Shenzhen Transportation System.

2005 Transformation and expansion Talents first

2005 was an important year for the company to achieve business transformation, start outward expansion, build an integrated logistics system, and optimize talent structure.

The company has successively established Shenzhen Huanggang Branch, Suzhou Branch, and Hong Kong Branch, and has a 30,000-square-foot international standard warehouse in Hong Kong to form a container shipping and import and export cargo warehouse that radiates all over the country based on South China and East China. , fast land transportation, international freight forwarding and other integrated logistics services.

In April 2005, the company implemented a new talent strategy and established orientation training courses with Jiaying College in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, and took the lead in opening up a directional talent training model where schools and enterprises seamlessly connected.

2006 Sustainable Development Brand Building

2006 was a crucial year for the company to complete its first five-year plan. After five years of rapid development, the company has initially established a business model that is in line with international standards. The number of employees reached more than 600, of which 130 were managers, more than 300 vehicles of various types, and 60 were self-provided, establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with more than 200 famous enterprises at home and abroad. South China International Logistics Center Branch, Nanshan Branch, and Wuxi Branch have been established one after another. The establishment of multiple outlets provides a powerful guarantee for the development of integrated logistics services.

In 2006, the company won the honors of "Shenzhen Top Ten Logistics Innovation Enterprise" and "Quality Assessment Green Card Enterprise of Shenzhen Transportation Bureau". The debut of the "International Supply Fair" attracted the attention of all parties. In September of the same year, the company's general manager Xiao Dejun was elected as the representative of the Third People's Congress of Yantian District in Shenzhen.

2007 Fine Marketing Integration

In 2007, it was an important year for the company to continue expanding its scale, implement a talent strategy, implement a new performance assessment mechanism, accelerate hardware and software construction, and significantly increase its overall strength. The company's market success has been successful, and it has successfully won the bid for container trailer transportation business of Maersk and Zhi-Hao High-tech enterprises. In June, during the company’s sixth anniversary celebration, the company organized employee representatives to hold welfare donations and environmental protection at the District Welfare Institute and Dameisha Waterfront Park. Activities and other activities; In July, the company again took part in a new lineup to exhibit at the “International Fair”; in October, the company was named “Key Logistics Enterprise in Shenzhen” by the Municipal Communications Bureau, bringing a full range of brand image and comprehensive strength. In November, the company opened the cold chain transportation line between East China, South China and South-West China to Hong Kong and Macao, and initially established the company's cold chain platform.

In the same year, the Hong Kong constant temperature warehouse was put into use, the Shanghai Customs Control Warehouse Project was successfully launched, and the Nantong Division and the Kunshan Branch Company were successively opened. The company continued to advance toward the vision of “Being a First-Class Supply Chain Enterprise in China”.

2008 Innovation Management Scale Development

In 2008, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the company put forward the development strategic goal of opening the capital market and started planning. The company has more than 700 employees, including more than 160 management personnel, 400 vehicles of various types, and 350,000 square feet of standard warehouses in Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places. The company has pushed forward the development strategy of “innovative management and scale development”, and innovation and expansion have once again become the theme of the year. In terms of management innovation, through diversification of business optimization and integration, the company's core competitiveness will be further enhanced, and the company will expand and strengthen its logistics supply chain service network based on South China, East China, and Hong Kong as a whole.

In terms of marketing innovation, it invested 1 million yuan to increase logistics informationization, improve the “Bao Hengtong Integrated Logistics Management Platform”, and vigorously developed rapid land operation, cold chain logistics, port consolidation, and cargo storage in the East China, South China, and Fujian regions. Other core businesses provide comprehensive and differentiated integrated logistics solutions and services for customer service. In terms of brand innovation, the company continued to make its debut at the “International Material Expo” and launched the Group VI system to integrate its brand resources and further enhance its brand value. The company also received honors such as the Shenzhen Grand Enterprise Express.

2009 Turning crisis into opportunity

In 2009, facing the impact of the global financial crisis, the company decided to enhance service quality by strengthening internal management, create value for customers by improving comprehensive service capabilities, and penetrate the entire system of supply chain management such as open source, innovation, and throttling. , And then again expand market share.

In terms of network construction and business expansion, the company has used mature integrated logistics service networks in the domestic and Hong Kong and Macau regions to start its march into the general cargo transportation market and develop corresponding businesses. This has broken the long-term business model of only operating cargo under customs supervision and forming general cargo and The Customs supervised a new situation in which the goods went hand in hand and complement each other. The business volume steadily increased.

The company has established more than ten branches and subsidiaries including Baohengtong Supply Chain Co., Ltd. and Baohengtong International Logistics Co., Ltd. Together with the customer, the company has experienced a lot of storms and rainbows. While continuously improving service quality, the company has made new adjustments to all departmental structures, improved the market response speed, and greatly reduced the cost of operating decisions. In the same year, the company won the honor of Shenzhen Key Road Container Transport Enterprise.

2010 Quality First Ten Peaks

In 2010, the global economy recovered and the momentum stabilized. The development of China's logistics industry has steadily risen. It faces both opportunities and challenges. The company has become an important year in the post-crisis era to achieve structural adjustment, strategic transfer, and deepening the transformation of development and reform.

In this context, the company pointed out three major bottlenecks: cost control, quality management and risk prevention, according to the Group's economic work conference in 2009, and timely put forward the work requirements of “innovate marketing, improve quality, optimize costs, and move forward steadily”. We will continue to implement the “open source, innovation, and throttling” work guideline and plan to invest 90 vehicles in the year to accelerate the development of the southwestern market. With the concerted efforts of all the cadres and staff, we will strive to achieve greater success in 2010 and give our company a 10th anniversary!

2011 Sailing hard and doing high-end development

2011 was the year of the company's hard work and hard work. The company combined the main goals of the national economic development during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period and put forward the principle of “Unity, Practicality, Innovation, and Win-Win” for the 2011 Group Economic Work Conference. Speed up the pace of development. Proposed strategic development plans such as listing planning, options incentives, and high-end logistics.

In the same year, the company integrated superior resources, established an advanced IT R&D team, and actively developed a logistics ERP information system platform, which is expected to improve work efficiency. In April 2011, the company was once again honored as “Shenzhen Key Logistics Enterprise” and “Advanced Unit in Shenzhen Transportation Safety.”

2012 Adjusting structure Steady development Improve quality Reduce costs

In 2012, the company established the Jiangxi branch. After one year of research and development of the maintenance period, Baohengtong Logistics ERP Information System was formally launched to improve work efficiency and obtain consistent customer reviews. 20 cold chain vehicles have been added to further expand the cold chain business model.

2013 Diversified Development Broaden the Industrial Chain

2013 was an important year for the development and transformation of the company. The company had a stake in Shenzhen Baoyuan Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., and Baohengtong Guoyin Security Co., Ltd. and Baohengtong City Soil and Soil Engineering Co., Ltd. were successively established to engage in automobile trade, finance, and construction transportation. The three major industries range from diverse business models to diverse business areas.

In the same year, the company increased its investment in vehicles, and its staff team also continued to grow. Large logistics group companies took shape.

2014 Innovation and Development Dare to Play Unite, Progress, Achieve Goals

In 2014, three supply chain divisions were officially formed. The Group convened the Spring Festival Conference to create a grand plan for the Group's business development. The Dabaihui project undertaken by the residue supply chain division was completed and the Beidou Station project of the Metro Line 9 was formally started. Auman No. 1 Clubhouse officially opened.

2015 Resource Integration Interconnection Online Online Interactive Development

In 2015, Baohengtong set up six business divisions, and the group has taken shape. The planning of the Group’s office parks is progressing in an orderly manner. The construction of the Baoyuan Motors 6S Experience Store has progressed smoothly. The Group’s internal plate resources are integrated, standardized and finely managed, and the mayor of Yantian District has been obtained. Quality Awards.

2016 Restructure the market, focus resources, promote development

Unite internal forces, be brave in acting, overcome difficulties, and open up new chapters in the group.

We will share operating dividends with employees in terms of excess, equity, assessment, etc. to achieve common creation, common progress, and sharing.

2017 Restructure the Market, Responsibility, Dare to Take the Dare

In the first year of the “4th Five-Year Plan” of the Group, the structure of the Group and its subsidiaries and subsidiaries was reorganized and the strategy for advancement to the East was fully promoted.

Adhere to the market-oriented, customer-centric, adjust personnel structure, accelerate market development efforts, introduce a number of powerful innovations, and quickly and effectively promote the management philosophy of groupization, standardization, and standardization.

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