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Shenzhen Baohengtong (Group) Co., Ltd. (Baohengtong Group) has a registered capital of 60 million. It is a key logistics company in Shenzhen and a key container transport company in Shenzhen. It has a total of 720 vehicles and 350,000 square feet of warehouses in China and Hong Kong. In logistics supply chain service and management, earth and rock blasting excavation, muck transportation, automobile trade (6S for heavy trucks, trucks, trucks, cranes, etc. heavy trucks and equipment sales and maintenance) Stores, supply chain finance (guarantee company), new energy (LNG LNG sales and LNG station construction), new media and other fields.

The group currently owns Shenzhen Baohengtong Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baohengtong Urban Scrap Construction Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baoyuan Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guoyin Guarantee Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baohengtong Investment Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Bao Hengtong Supply Chain Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Auman No. 1 Catering Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Desheng Automobile Service Co., Ltd. and many other subsidiaries and 32 branches throughout the country (including Hong Kong and Macao regions).

Looking into the future, the company aims to “be a first-class supply chain enterprise in China” and is committed to innovation and change in the supply chain, fully integrating resources such as “information flow, capital flow, business flow, and logistics” to provide customers with more security, More efficient, more convenient and more economical supply chain services!


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